Reiki healers are also called reiki practitioners. These are people who are experts and have professional knowledge on how to conduct the reiki healing practice. They are supposed to have undertaken the course and completed on minimum the second level. Also, for an individual to be a qualified healer, they should have appropriate insurance. Others have first aid skills and belong to a professional body. The best way to get qualified reiki is by using referrals from friends or contacts the various available associations.

What do the healers do?

The healers take one into a reiki session. During the session, the healer gives takes the client to a quiet and private environment. The client must be dressed fully and lie on a table or sit on a chair. The healer placed their hands on the client and held them on a series from the head to the back and the rest of the body parts. The placement, however, should not be inappropriate or impose some pressure.

During the session, the client should feel refreshed and start thinking clearly. Others will fall asleep, or some pain was gone. Thus, the experience is changeable and subjective. Also, as the practitioner’s hands go over the client’s body, they might be hot or cool. This means that energy flow is achieved.

The goal of the healer and the healing process is to ensure that the energy flow is achieved by blocking all the negative energy and passing positive energy. In case of any anxiety, the healer’s touch and meditation ensure that you can control yourself and find peace lying within your body. As a result, be able to heal your body fast. In addition, the healer makes sure that the session balances the levels of the internal body to a neutral state.

Moreover, the healer does the treatment to ensure a continuous flow of energy throughout the entire body. Finally, the healer ensures that you are in a comfortable position and state so that your stress level lowers at the end of the session and your mental health is reinstated.