Presently, with life throwing many challenges and uncertainties to people, many are suffering depression and showing signs of anxiety. This is made worse with the Covid-19 global pandemic, forcing people to live in lockdown for months. The ripples that come with the lockdown have highly contributed to the increased tension and anxiety. Such experiences can be unsettling, and this is where reiki sessions can help.
For many people, Reiki has proven to be of great help mentally, physically, and emotionally. Reiki offers individuals a deep sense of relaxation, the ability to balance their mental health, and relief from the stress of working within a home all the time. Depression renders people vulnerable, and they lose interest in life and general daily activities. The first response for such an individual is to get a mental health treatment such as counseling and sometimes medication. However, Reiki also can help reduce the accumulated stress within the body, allowing the person to feel motivated and lighter again. In addition, studies have shown that Reiki gives relief from different physical conditions such as severe headaches and migraines.

The incredible thing about this treatment is that it works for teenagers as well. Often, these individuals are prone to anxiety caused by being overwhelmed by the changes they undergo as they grow. Some can have difficulty getting sleep. The parents can see mood swings and loss of temperament in their children. Reiki for teenagers treatment will help in improving the teenagers’ focus and directing it to schoolwork. Taking the sessions will be a step towards healing from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. The treatment will provide a way to let your stress and anxiety leave. Instead of taking medicine or getting counseling which sometimes does not even work for most teenagers given their age, Reiki will provide you with a clear mind and relaxed one.