One of the strengths of the course is the amazing range of students’ backgrounds.  Every student enriches the course by bringing in their background of knowledge. Alongside Mahayana and Theravadin Buddhists, non-Buddhists also benefit from the course. Students from all over the world and all walks and stages of life have graduated. Most students have English as a first language or a reasonable grasp of spoken and written English.

In addition to the quotations shown on other pages here’s what students have said about the course:

“After listening to so many sessions, I feel that I somewhat know Geshe-la, and have considerable respect and affection for him”

“The fact that the questions almost always relate to our own life has made me digest the material better and has made me think about how I conduct my life”

“A wonderfully well thought out course, stimulating, nourishing and tremendously useful”
“A comprehensive, easily understandable and practical exposure to Tibetan Buddhism that one can use to develop one’s practice. It gave me a sense of a well informed independence in my practice that I did not have before”

“I don’t live close to a Tibetan Dharma Centre and have more contact with Thai Theravada monks. So the course offered a wonderful opportunity to study the Tibetan tradition at length with one of the best teachers I have ever encountered in my life (and I’m 55 years old)”

“Geshe Tashi’s clear and thoughtful teachings brought together all the six topics in such a way that I feel, at last, after many years thinking I was a Buddhist, but not having any kind of comprehensive understanding, that yes I am and yes I now know why. The course offers invaluable training for both the heart and the intellect.”