Refunds and Cancellations

If you have reserved or paid for a place please contact the Course Administrator to cancel your application.

Course has Started

If you are already on the course and your circumstances change, please speak first to your tutor and then to the course administrator. It may be possible for you to defer your study rather than cancelling completely. 

If you still require a refund before 60 days, a £10.00 administration charge + £32.00 a month/module + £7.00 for the audio downloaded (per module), will be deducted. After 60 days, banking charges will apply.
If you have paid for the audio CDs, they remain your property.

Course has not started.

If you cancel your application at least one month before the start date you will be given a full refund. After this point course materials are sent out. Cancellations less than one month before the start date receive a refund of the course fee, less the cost of the first module.


Refunding Annual Course Fees

Notice Given Value of Refund
1 month or more
before course start date
Full Refund
Less than one month
before course start date
Course fees minus cost of one module

Refunding during the course

before 60 days have expired

£10.00 admin + £32.00/month + £7.00 audio download

After 60 days

the above + banking charges.