This course is suitable for people who are interested in Buddhism in general, and particularly in Tibetan Buddhism, and who have already attended some teachings, read some books, and are interested in learning more about Tibetan Buddhism on a systematic and structured way.

It is very advisable that you have at least an elementary understanding of Tibetan Buddhism prior to starting the course. Whilst considering everyday concerns, Geshe Tashi soon takes us much deeper, drawing on his vast knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, and his understanding of the Western mind, to develop a really profound view of Buddhist philosophical traditions.

As regards content, please note that the course takes a middle way between intellectual analysis and experiential understanding. It’s geared for people who have some previous experience of Buddhism, but, though it offers structured and organized formal study, it is not an academic course.

Therefore, when you apply, we ask you to write a little about yourself and your previous study of Buddhism. For people with no prior knowledge of Buddhism, the FPMT’s Discovering Buddhism is a good introduction.

“After having spent a few years reading various Buddhist books and gradually becoming more and more interested in dharma I decided to ‘take the plunge’ and actually get involved to some degree. So I started the FBT course. It is a well worn phrase but I did feel that participating as a student on the course really did change my life. It felt like what I had been seeking for a very long time. I absolutely loved the course. Why? Well first there was the solid and comprehensive information on which it was based – a great foundation if you will pardon the pun. Then the warmth and enthusiasm of Geshe Tashi which brought all the ideas to life. Then on top of that the unique opportunity to discuss the material in depth with fellow students, making many valuable friendships along the way. This then inspired me to try to practice the dharma in a more solid way.”
Colin, FBT graduate