Distance Learning

Distance learning can be described as a formalized teaching and learning system which is specifically designed to be carried out remotely by using various media other than face to face.

For some students this might be the first time that you undertake a distance learning course, and the idea of discussing Dharma in an online forum can seem daunting, particularly if it is the first time you use this media for discussion.

Distance learning does present different challenges from face to face interaction (such as the fact that you probably won’t hear other students’ voices, or meet them in person to have a chat after class, etc), but most of our students get used to the forums very quickly and find that there are also perks from doing a course online. For example, you will interact with a variety of students from all around the world, you can choose your time and place to study, you can participate in time with your own rhythm, and some people find it easier to express their ideas in writing.

The course requires elementary computer skills. You will be using a web interface that requires you to log into a students area to participate in the discussions. There will be a forum, a chat room and the various materials for the course such as the audio, the prayer book documents and videos.

You will have to be familiar with downloading material from the web, such as ordinary documents, .pdfs, and audio and video files. This is particularly relevant if you choose to do the course by the “download audio” option.

The correspondence course is available to students living all over the world, as long as you have access to the Internet, and a postal address to receive the material.

Currently the correspondence course is taught in English. Students should have a reasonable level of spoken and written English. Course books are also available in French and Spanish.

You can select the option that works best for you according to factors such as the speed of your internet connection. You can read more about this in the Dates and Fees section.

As much as we can we will provide support to resolve any issues you might have with the technical aspects of the course. If you are not sure about the technology, please get in touch with the course administrator who will be happy to answer your questions.