Teaching Style

“Geshe Tashi’s writing and talks give deep and insightful pointers for how to develop our daily practice whilst at the same time giving a strong philosophical grounding to my attempt to practice the teachings of the compassionate Buddha Shakyamuni” –
George, FBT graduate.

“Geshe Tashi is quite unique in that he is able to convey complicated Tibetan Buddhism or the concepts of Tibetan Buddhism very much to western minds using western analogies and he’s quite funny and he quite often pokes fun at us westerners and the sorts of things we do so it is an interesting and different approach and not as esoteric as you’d expect from someone from such a different background as most of us.”
John, FBT graduate.

“I particularly loved his practical suggestions. I am a practical person, so when I read something, unless it’s something I can put into practice I don’t really retain it. I’m not an intellectual book learner. I like to be able to read something and think ‘Hey this could be useful in my life right now”. So his examples were always very pertinent and I felt that he really understood where we were coming from actually, which is very nice. And then his sense of humour of course, was always there just to remind you not to get too bogged down with it all.”
Cynthia, FBT graduate